Keokuk Geodes

Although geodes of different kinds are found all over the world, the greatest abundance and variety are found in the outcropping of the Mississippian lower Keokuk bed within a 70 mile radius of the intersection of the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers. Southeastern Iowa is one of the state’s best Geode collecting areas. Geode State Park in Henry County is named for the occurrence of the geode.

The large number of mineral inclusions and the exquisite crystal groups that they form have made the Keokuk Geodes the most beautiful and the most sought after of all geodes by museums and collectors the world over. The most common size of Keokuk Geodes is about 3-4 inches across and sometimes reach 2 feet across and larger. Most Keokuk Geodes occur within a 35 mile radius of Keokuk.

Bevard Collection. The Bevard Collection of Keokuk Geodes found in the tri-state area are displayed at the Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Office, 428 Main Street, Keokuk.

2021 Geode Fest Date – September 23 – 26, 2021
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Please call the sites to make an appointment to geode hunt.

Dennis Stevenson Geodes
625 S. 18th St. • Hamilton, Illinois

Jacobs Geode Shop & Mine
823 East County Rd 1220 • Hamilton, Illinois

Kirk Brandenberger
Missouri Amish Sites – group of 10 or more

Moorhouse Geodes
Hamilton, Illinois

O’Neil’s Geodes
251 North 7th St. • Hamilton, Illinois

Sheffler’s Rock Shop
Highway 61 (7 miles s. of Alexandria, MO)

St. Francisville Geodes
Highway 27 • St. Francisville, Missouri

Vickers Geodes
511 S. 9th St. • Hamilton, Illinois

Wildcat Springs Park (Hamilton IL Park District)
Hamilton, Illinois
(217) 847-3944

Woodies Rock Shop
1900 Keokuk St., Hamilton, Illinois
Open by appointment only
309.313.2077 or 309.313.1266